The Challenge
The current connectivity ecosystem consists of just two basic methods to deliver a connection
1 Signal from space
2 Signal from ground
Of earth's landmass
lacks coverage from traditional terrestrial internet infrastructure
Billion people
or about half of humanity, don’t have access to the internet, and many more lack adequate access
Internet of things
promises life-changing technologies but only with connectivity
And while connectivity becomes more integral to our daily lives, the expansion of internet access is slowing, leaving billions of people unconnected
The Solution
A New Layer of the Connectivity Ecosystem
If we want to connect more people, places and things, we need something more. We need a third layer to the connectivity ecosystem. That's where Loon comes in: we're building a new layer of connectivity technology in the stratosphere to connect regions once thought of as unservable.
Direct-to-handset service
Massive coverage areas
Flexibility and resilience
Learn how Loon is partnering with mobile network operators to expand connectivity.
The Future of Connectivity
Terrestrial, stratospheric, and space-based technologies all serve various purposes and can connect different regions across the globe. The key will be coordinating these various solutions so they work together to provide a seamless connection. Loon is well positioned to play a key role in expanding service as well as to serve as the operating system for the global connectivity ecosystem of the future.