We bring together optimists who deliver space edge technology to fulfill our ambitious mission.

We believe in the power of connectivity
We’re purpose driven
We’re excited by the impossible
We take bold but calculated risks
We believe in brains and heart


Loon is a values driven company: we bring together people who are passionate about our mission to connect people everywhere by inventing and integrating audacious technologies.

Loon has a dedicated cross-functional team that is striving to provide a fair and unbiased interview experience for everyone. Creating a more diverse and inclusive Loon team is one of our top priorities! We encourage you to apply if you have something special to bring to our mission and our team, even if you don't fit 100% of the criteria. The team reviews all candidates and there is a chance you are the one we are looking for!

Job openings

Software Engineer
Backend Software Engineer, Machine Learning
Mountain View, California, United States
Network Software Engineer
Mountain View, California, United States
Software Engineering Manager
Mountain View, California, United States
Supply Chain
Demand Planner, Supply Chain Operations
Mountain View, California, United States