Connecting more people, places & things

The majority of people around the world still lack access to the internet or have only infrequent, intermittent access. Loon’s solution makes it possible for mobile network operators to cover these populations, unlocking new customers and business opportunities.

Mobile Network Expansion

Loon helps mobile network operators unlock new connections with a flexible and future-proof solution. We enable operators to expand their coverage to unserved and underserved areas with a fleet of stratospheric flight systems equipped with LTE base stations.

Users can then use standard LTE-enabled handsets to connect to the operator’s network via Loon’s floating cell phone towers.

New Connections

Loon’s unique solution is bringing people online, especially in large areas with lower population density.


Our Network-as-a-Service model coexists with terrestrial networks, and our fleet can be repositioned for maximum impact.


Our adaptive, resilient fleet is easily upgradable, and our coverage is easily expandable.


Loon’s standard LTE technology uses existing spectrum with terrestrial network coexistence.

How it works

Loon integrates with mobile network operators’ existing network infrastructure to extend their coverage. We maximize value by delivering seamless connectivity to subscribers through a unique solution of ground gateways, flight vehicles and software.

Vehicles & payloads

The 4G base stations (eNodeBs) on our flight vehicles are 3GPP compliant and operate on standard LTE frequencies enabling users to connect directly and seamlessly with their existing 4G handsets.

Network optimization

Loon flight systems act like floating cell phone towers in the sky — as one floats out of range, another floats into range. Flight systems are connected to each other in a mesh network extending over thousands of kilometers. This helps limit the number of gateways required on the ground.

Ground & cloud

Fiber links between Loon-provided ground stations and our mobile network partner’s core complete the circuit and connect the people below our flight systems to the Internet.

Fleet automation

Predictive models of the winds and autonomous decision-making algorithms help navigate our fleet safely and efficiently from our launch sites to service regions, with flight engineers providing continuous human oversight.


Serving in Kenya

With our commercial partner, Telkom Kenya, we are now providing connectivity to Telkom subscribers in unconnected parts of the country. This is our first partnership in Africa and a major step forward for both Loon and Telkom.

“Telkom remains focused on bringing innovative products and solutions to the Kenyan market. Our association with Loon, will see us partner with a pioneer in the use of high-altitude balloons to provide LTE coverage across larger areas in Kenya.”

Mugo Kibati
CEO, Telkom Kenya


Serving in Rural Peru & The Amazon

Loon has worked closely with Telefonica to test 4G coverage through Loon’s stratospheric network in the rural Loreto region of Peru and remote parts of the Amazon. This relationship has not only unlocked significant technical milestones for our communications and aviation systems, but it has also provided unparalleled experience working with a range of government partners on this new frontier of connectivity.

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We are currently focusing the commercial rollout of our Mobile Network Expansion solution within +15 / -15 degrees latitude of the equator.

If you are a Mobile Network Operator or an LTE spectrum holder within these locations, please reach out to us so that we can best tailor our solution to fit your needs.

To learn more about our service, please feel free to get in touch.