We believe in the power of connectivity

We envision a world where anyone who wants to connect, can. The tools we build connect people to each other, to their communities, and to global society.

We’re purpose-driven

Our mission is a worthy one: to bring more connection and opportunity to everyone. We enjoy collaborating with our partners, users and each other to reach our goals.

We’re excited by the impossible.

Complex problems require daring solutions that challenge the status quo. We step out of our comfort zones to envision and create bold new technologies.

We take bold but calculated risks.

Safety is core to our daily operations and long-term success. Careful execution is as important as ambitious innovation, so we make informed, responsible choices to keep our team and the public safe.

We believe in brains and heart.

We rely on knowledge and empathy to make wise decisions. We respect our partners, users and teammates, and are accountable to them. Our workplace is transparent, inclusive and collaborative.